New Holland Agriculture is set to release the T4 Electric Power, which is the first autonomous utility tractor that runs on electricity.

This groundbreaking tractor creates a whole new category in the market called Utility Electric. Utility Electric tractors are designed to provide efficient solutions for field operations.

By addressing current agricultural challenges such as rising costs and labor shortages, the T4 Electric Power contributes to New Holland’s commitment to sustainable farming practices for present and future generations.


Offering a game-changing innovation in modern agriculture, the T4 Electric Power is ideal for lower horsepower tasks in various industries including mixed farming, hay and forage, dairy, livestock, municipality, greenhouse, and specialty crops.

The T4 Electric Power is part of New Holland’s strategic plan for electrification, joining other alternative energy-powered equipment like the T7 Methane Power LNG and T6.180 Methane Power. Equipped with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack, this tractor delivers consistent torque at low speeds. This ensures a smooth driving experience during loader work and daily farm routines.

The Technology Behind the T4 Electric Power

The T4 Electric Power showcases advanced battery technology and a fully electrified drivetrain, providing powerful and efficient performance. With a maximum energy storage capacity of 110-kWh in a 400V high-voltage circuit, it delivers 74 hp (55 kW) rated power and 65 hp (48 kW) PTO power.

Compared to traditional diesel-powered counterparts, the T4 Electric Power offers superior performance, including 4-wheel drive, a reliable 12×12 transmission, and various power outputs. It also features a rear electro-hydraulic PTO, drawbar, multiple rear remotes, mid-mount valves, and a mechanical self-leveling front loader with 3rd function and an 84” bucket.

With improved control, precision, and faster responsiveness, this tractor enhances field capacity by reducing application cycle time.

The electrified drivetrain of the tractor provides silent power, high torque, and quick response, even at low speeds. Combined with the 12×12 electronic power shuttle transmission, it allows for easy operation of implements without the need for precise gear selection or throttle control.

Skilled operators can adjust speeds by controlling motor RPM. Smooth power delivery at low speeds and consistent delivery at high speeds enhance control and precision during field operations.

In an interview with PR Newswire, New Holland marketing manager Lena Bioni said that the quiet electric motor of the T4 Electric Power is a major advantage, particularly in noise-sensitive areas. The tractor emits less noise and vibrations compared to diesel tractors, making it suitable for operations in equestrian barns or college campuses.

The tractor can be charged using different energy sources such as regular grids, solar panels, biodigesters, and wind power. When using commercially available fast charging systems, it only takes one hour to reach full power in DC mode.

Furthermore, the T4 Electric Power provides power availability at any time and location, thanks to its convenient Exportable Power feature. Equipped with standard 110V and 220V outlets commonly used in workshops, the tractor can serve as a reliable power source for electric tools like welding, drilling, and cutting machines.

Advanced Features

The T4 Electric Power tractor features advanced technology and innovative functionalities. These advanced technologies include autonomous features, driver assistance modes, Precision Solutions & Telematics (PS&T), and diagnostics.

These exceptional features distinguish the T4 Electric Power tractor from others in the market. The autonomous electric tractor incorporates driver-assisted features like Follow Me Mode, the Invisible Bucket, and 360 Degree Awareness. It also includes fully digital and connected functions such as Over the Air Updates, Live View, and Map Maker.

With cameras and sensors in the Smart Roof and an activated touchscreen display, this tractor delivers superior performance and safety both inside and outside the cab.


The T4 Electric Power tractor boasts an eye-catching Clean Blue paint scheme, symbolizing its alternative fuel source. The striking blue color complements the CNH gray decals. Meanwhile, the hood design features powerful LED headlights and worklights with illuminated accents.

The T4 Electric Power’s impressive appearance is coupled with in-cab ergonomics, a new digital instrument cluster, and an additional color touchscreen display. These features redefine operating comfort.


The T4 Electric Power tractor will be introduced to the public at the 2023 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. Visitors can find it at the New Holland booth #967. The tractor is expected to be commercially available in North America through selected dealers in early 2024.

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