For electric vehicle (EV) drivers who are out and about and need to charge their vehicles, the only solution until now has been to use public charging stations. However, public EV charging has its share of problems.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, using public charging stations is almost 50% more expensive than doing home EV charging. Public charging stations can also be located in inconvenient spots, and they may be occupied when drivers need to use them.

A small business in the Netherlands named FlatPower has developed a new EV cable to address these limitations. The cable (which is manufactured in Italy) is called the Ultra Flat Charging Cable. FlatPower’s Ultra Flat Charging Cable enables customers to do home charging without a driveway.

The Ultra Flat Charging Cable is plugged into a home electrical outlet and laid across a sidewalk. From there, it plugs into the EV’s charging port.

This cable is ideal for EV drivers who don’t have their own driveways. It also makes it possible for drivers to charge their EVs while parking overnight on city streets.

The cable’s big selling point is its thickness. The Ultra Flat Charging Cable is only 5 millimeters thick, making it very difficult for pedestrians to trip on the cable. Some commentators have described how they’ve walked over the cable without even noticing it.

Because it’s only 5 millimeters thick, the FlatPower cable is the flattest EV charging cable on the market.

The Dutch town of Noordwijk is currently undergoing a one-year pilot project to confirm the cable’s effectiveness and safety. The pilot project is limited to local residents who have solar panels installed on their houses. 

For more information, visit FlatPower’s website here.

Image Source: Rustam Kocher,