Last Sunday, Mercedes-Benz revealed new concept EVs that would surpass Tesla EVs in terms of range. The concept cars offer more than 466 miles on a single charge.

The Concept CLA Class, which was showcased at the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich, consists of four models: a sedan, a station wagon, and two SUVs. Although a specific production timeline was not disclosed, each vehicle is expected to have a range of over 466 miles. This is a substantial improvement on Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S cars, which have ranges below 375 miles.

In addition, BMW introduced a new EV with an extended range and faster charging capabilities at the same show. This demonstrates the efforts of German automakers to compete in an industry that’s becoming increasingly electrified.

Volkswagen is already facing competition from Chinese rivals in the affordable EV market. Meanwhile, Tesla is planning to establish Europe’s largest car plant near Berlin.

BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse vehicle, still in the concept stage, employs newly developed battery cells that can store more than 20% additional energy compared to previous models. As a result, charging speed and range are expected to improve by up to 30%.

BMW board member Frank Weber stated that the Neue Klasse represents the largest investment in the company’s history. The vehicle is scheduled for release in 2025.

Mercedes’s Concept CLA Class aims to introduce a new segment of entry-level all-electric vehicles at Mercedes-Benz. CEO Ola Källenius believes that these innovative vehicles could easily travel from Munich to Hamburg on a single charge.

The extended range may significantly boost Mercedes’s EV market share. Range anxiety is a significant factor influencing consumers’ decisions when considering the purchase of an EV.

During the discussion of Mercedes’s G class, a line of SUVs, Källenius hinted at an upcoming EV by stating, “The little G will be electric.” This G class EV would be a potential competitor to Tesla’s Model Y, and it is eagerly anticipated.

Analysts at UBS (a Swiss investment bank) were given a sneak peek of Mercedes’s latest models in a recent report. According to CNN, the analysts expressed a high level of confidence in Mercedes’s product roadmap for the next couple of years.

As Mercedes introduces EVs with remarkably long ranges, Mercedes’s management is assuring that its EVs will achieve the same level of profitability as its traditional gas-powered cars. As a result, Mercedes could be a thorn in Tesla’s side for years to come.

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz,