For enthusiasts of the Honda Motocompo, the launch of the new Motocompacto—an all-electric folding scooter—is exciting news.

Inspired by the beloved JDM compact folding scooter from the Radwood Era, Honda’s newest e-scooter captures attention with its sensational appearance and affordable price tag of $995.

Weighing 41.3 pounds, the Motocompacto can easily fold down to just 3.7 inches wide, 21.1 inches tall, and 29.2 inches long.  Its compact size allows for convenient transportation, whether it’s being placed in a car trunk or brought along on public transit. The e-scooter contains a handle that allows you to carry it exactly like a suitcase.

When it’s time to start riding, the handlebars extend and rotate, the seat extends upwards, and the rear wheel extends out from the back.

With a range of 12 miles on electric power and a maximum speed of 15 mph, it presents a simple yet effective alternative for riders weighing up to 265 pounds. In addition, battery draining is not a concern. According to Road & Track, the Motocompacto can be fully recharged within 3.5 hours using a standard 110-volt plug.

One of the standout features of the Motocompacto is its adorable appearance.

The cute and boxy design, highlighted by its tan accents, gives the scooter a unique personality. The Motocompacto deviates from the traditional scooter design; it looks like a suitcase that has wheels and a handle bar.

Honda embraces the Motocompacto’s funky design. It promotes the e-scooter’s slab-sided structure as the perfect canvas for personalization with stickers, decals, and custom logos.

Aside from its appealing aesthetics, the Motocompacto is highly affordable, especially when compared to most e-bikes. While other models may offer higher speeds or better range, this scooter provides a reliable option for first- and last-mile transit at a reasonable price.

It’s worth noting that while the original Motocompo was not available in the United States, the Motocompacto was specifically designed and developed for the American market.

Interested customers can expect to find Motocompactos for sale at participating Honda and Acura dealers this November.

Image Source: Kote,