Infrastructure is a challenging sector to disrupt, characterized by a strong aversion to risk. Net-zero innovators face the obstacle of mental lock-in.

Breaking through this barrier requires an exceptional solution that is both easy to implement and cost-effective. Anas Al Kassas, the founder and CEO of INOVUES, has successfully created such a solution.

Originally from Syria, Kassas moved to Boston to pursue a Master’s degree in architecture. His goal was to develop scalable solutions to address the climate crisis. However, he found himself investing several years in each project, only to face the same challenges repeatedly.

While contemplating ideas with the hope of making a significant impact, Kassas had a moment of inspiration. He wondered if it was possible to transform windows into smart systems without the need for removal or replacement.

Drawing from his multidisciplinary experience in architecture and facade engineering, he envisioned a solution.

What is INOVUES?

INOVUES, or “innovative views,” stands out in the field of energy efficiency. It’s the only patented solution of its kind that can enhance building facades with cutting-edge energy-saving and smart glass technologies without replacing any components.

The method behind this simple yet effective solution lies in adding a second window to create double-pane windows.

Kassas emphasizes that the installation process is clean and straightforward, relying on structural glazing materials rather than mechanical fasteners. The system seamlessly integrates with existing facades, requiring no drilling or modifications.

INOVUES uses 70% fewer materials compared to existing methods and prefabricate the system off-site. This results in an up to 80% reduction in installation costs, according to Forbes. It also cuts the cost of window upgrades by up to 90%.

The story behind the start-up

According to Kassas, 2022 marked INOVUES’s breakthrough year as they completed significant pilot projects and secured potential projects worth $50 million for the future.

As INOVUES prepares for expansion, it faces a remarkable market opportunity during a time of high demand and energy-efficiency incentives. The global retrofit market is estimated to be worth $9.5 trillion.

However, Kassas recalls the challenging early days of building INOVUES. It required perseverance and overcoming numerous obstacles, often by the narrowest of margins.

During the first three years, Kassas’s budget was tiny. This prevented him from repeating his tests. INOVUES could have collapsed at many different points had certain tests yielded negative results.

When Kassas arrived in the US as a foreigner, building a network was a significant challenge. However, he started small and participated in the Cleantech Open accelerator program.

One of the advisors became the first investor, providing a $50,000 check that enabled funding for the subsequent few months. This allowed the team to build the first system, pass initial tests, and attract additional angel investors.

INOVUES’s breakthrough

INOVUES has been recognized for its innovative contribution to the construction industry. It’s won the International Award from Cleantech Open. It’s also received recognition from Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Climate Action Playbook.

Windows have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of buildings, but the cost of retrofitting aging infrastructure in commercial real estate has been prohibitive. INOVUES has now introduced a solution that makes window and facade upgrades both environmentally and commercially feasible.

Leading industry players like Saint-Gobain, 3M, and the University of Minnesota have already benefited from INOVUES’s upgrades. To further expand its operations and execute on its pipeline projects, INOVUES is seeking to raise $10 million in Series A funding.

As INOVUES continues to grow, it aims to make a substantial impact by reducing energy consumption. This could eliminate hundreds of millions of tons of emissions.

The importance of cost-effective and practical solutions for energy-efficient buildings cannot be overstated, particularly in the midst of ongoing conflicts such as the war in Ukraine. By addressing energy waste, INOVUES can make a significant difference to consumers, businesses, and governments.

The winter energy crisis highlighted the urgency of reducing energy consumption. Lower-income households in Europe faced difficult choices between heating their homes and meeting other basic needs.

Governments have recognized the need to transition to lower-carbon economies and are offering incentives to encourage energy efficiency.

INOVUES’s reinvention of energy efficiency in real estate positions the company to contribute to a lower-carbon world and tap into a lucrative $9.5 trillion market opportunity.

For its outstanding work in helping the real estate industry to decarbonize, we have named INOVUES our clean energy sustainability champion of the week. Well done!

Image Source: Glass Magazine,