While many Tesla buyers opt for the more affordable Model Y or Model 3, Tesla also offers the larger and spacious Model X electric SUV. The most premium Model X variant is referred to as the Plaid variant. Priced at just under US $90,000, the Plaid variant (pictured above) is more than twice as expensive as the base model of the Model Y.

However, customers expecting high-quality components in line with the price of the Model X may be disappointed. In some cases, the Model X fails to have proper suspension.

A German mechanic named “AT-Zimmermann” shared a video showing a customer bringing in their Model X Plaid for repairs after hitting a curb with the front left wheel. (You can generate English subtitles for the video by clicking on the gear icon.)

While this specific issue was not indicative of the vehicle’s durability, the mechanic also discovered a quality issue in another part of the Plaid. This was in spite of the fact that the car was nearly new. According to Notebookcheck, the Plaid had a mileage of just above 10,000 miles.

The mechanic discovered that the Model X Plaid uses the same type of uniball joint as the Model Y. This raises serious questions as to whether the Plaid’s suspension is powerful enough. The Model X Plaid has over twice as much horsepower as all Model Y variants.

The Model Y itself has had significant suspension problems. In 2020, a Model Y owner noticed that his brand-new vehicle lacked a lower ball joint. Other users on the Tesla Motors Club online forum soon reported the same problem.

One Model Y driver even mentioned that mechanics at his Tesla Service Center had failed to check the suspension when he brought in his car for an appointment. The Model Y driver booked the appointment due to strange lurching noises.

In the case of the German Model X Plaid, the mechanic had to replace the uniball joint due to evidence of wear.

The video also highlights the low-quality grease that may have contributed to the joint’s premature failure. In Germany, such issues would likely cause a failed technical inspection.

German technical inspections are more thorough than in the US. Inspections are required three years after the car’s initial registration.

Fortunately, aftermarket parts of better quality are available to address the Model X Plaid’s issues.

Image Source: Tesla X Greece, https://shorturl.at/bEV19