Recently, Tesla has been making efforts to increase its sales by reducing the price of its popular Model Y (pictured above).  Although Tesla ownership appears attractive to many buyers, some Model Y owners have expressed concerns regarding build quality and other issues.

A Scottish Model Y driver named Johnny Bacigalupo has shared his experience about how typical Scottish weather caused his car to malfunction. The incident resulted in a hefty bill of £17,374 (approximately $21,000 US), according to TheStreet.

Bacigalupo expressed disbelief and shock at the high cost. He expected to pay no more than £1,000 (about $1,200 US) for the repair.

The incident occurred when Bacigalupo took his cherry red Model Y for a night out in Edinburgh’s city center. Despite the roads being wet, he didn’t encounter any significant puddles. However, after turning off the car, he faced difficulties restarting it.

After several frustrating calls and a failed collection attempt, Bacigalupo’s car was eventually picked up by a tow truck and delivered to Tesla Edinburgh in the early hours of the morning.

On October 11th, Bacigalupo received a call informing him that the battery had suffered water damage. This water damage was not covered by Tesla’s eight-year warranty. The only option that the Tesla service representative provided to Bacigalupo was to proceed with the £17,374 repair.

“I was flabbergasted and couldn’t really find my words,” Bacigalupo told reporters.

Bacigalupo further questioned the Tesla representative, as he believed it was a weather-related issue. The representative explained that the battery had been submerged in water due to the weather conditions.

Although Bacigalupo kept pressing the representative, the representative didn’t budge. Tesla refused to pay for the repair.

Bacigalupo’s negative experience with Tesla has made him question his decision to buy an electric vehicle, especially considering Scotland’s rainy climate.

Tesla’s own warranty excludes coverage for “flooding the battery,” but the specific definition or situations covered is not explained in detail. Tesla has not responded to a request for comment at this time.

In contrast to Bacigalupo, other Model Y owners have reported that their Model Ys perform better in the rain than any other vehicle they have previously owned.

Image Source: Inyeob Kim,