Upon the initial release of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 in August, the vehicle became available in most European countries. However, the UK was an exception.

Thankfully, this changed recently. Tesla’s website indicates that the 2024 Model 3 (also known as the Model 3 Highland) is now being sold in the UK.

The order page for the UK showcases two options available: the base Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and the long-range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

Notably, the starting price for the base RWD variant is £39,990 ($48,800 US). Meanwhile, the long-range AWD variant starts at £49,990 ($61,000).

In comparison, the 2023 Model 3 RWD starts at £42,990 ($52,400). This means that with the UK Model 3 Highland, Tesla has improved vehicle features and cut prices by £3,000 ($3,600) simultaneously.

According to Teslarati, the estimated delivery date for the Model 3 Highland in the UK ranges from January to February 2024 for both the RWD and AWD variants.

Tesla fans are eagerly anticipating the Model 3 Highland. The car flaunts a more stylish and aggressive exterior, drawing inspiration from the flagship Model S and Model X.

Early reviews of the Model 3 Highland have been overwhelmingly positive. Drivers are particularly pleased with the car’s enhanced comfort and new features, such as the rear touch screen.

The Model 3 Highland is also giving Tesla’s UK drivers a significant range boost.

The Model 3 Highland AWD variant has a range of 390 miles. By comparison, the 2023 Model 3 AWD variant has a range of 374 miles. Notably, the US Model 3 AWD variant currently tops out at only 333 miles.

With its competitive pricing in the UK market, the Model 3 Highland holds strong potential to capture a significant share of buyers. It’s poised to continue the success of its predecessor, which usually ranked second in the UK’s EV rankings behind the Tesla Model Y.

Image Source: Sawyer Merritt, https://shorturl.at/bEV19