Ohio Leads the Way in EV Fast Charger Construction Under NEVI Plan

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States has necessitated the development of a comprehensive charging infrastructure. The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program was initiated to resolve this challenge.

This program includes a $2.7 billion investment in EV charging stations and infrastructure across the nation. Among the many states that have proactively taken up the cause, Ohio has announced a groundbreaking ceremony for the first EV charging station under the NEVI program.

“Ohio continues to lead in this rising sector,” Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said in a news release. “From securing investments by manufacturers to building key infrastructure, we are truly positioning Ohioans for the electric future. This groundbreaking further demonstrates the state’s commitment to installing chargers as quickly as possible for the benefit of Ohio drivers.”

Ohio has been actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles for a long time. The state first announced plans to prioritize the development of charging infrastructure in 2019, starting with a request for EV charging station proposals. This strategic move was intended to put Ohio ahead of other states in the race to gain access to the latest equipment and specialized technicians needed to install the stations.

Ohio was also the first state to announce the locations of its first round of EV charging stations, further emphasizing its commitment to EV development. Now, Ohio has achieved another milestone as it becomes the first state in the US to begin construction on an EV charging station under the NEVI program.

“As more Ohioans adopt electric vehicles and the mix of automobiles on the road changes, we must ensure that our infrastructure is ready,”  Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jack Marchbanks said in the news release. “Providing more fast chargers that are convenient and reliable ultimately provides customer service for Ohio drivers and bolsters equitable access to the latest transportation technology.”

The Pilot Travel Center, located along the I-70 highway, west of Columbus, is the site chosen for the first NEVI charging station in the US. The station will be equipped with EVgo’s fast-charging stations, capable of delivering up to 350 kW of power to a single vehicle. The stations’ simultaneous charging capability will provide 175 kW of power to each port when four EVs plug-in at the same time. This level of power will charge an EV up to 80% in just 20-40 minutes.

Ohio’s leadership in constructing a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure is commendable. Through the NEVI program, the state will continue to add more charging stations, making it easier for EV owners to travel over long distances and access essential services like food, restrooms, and security.

Ohio’s emphasis on clean energy and sustainability extends beyond its EV infrastructure plans. The state has taken another significant step by joining the US Climate Alliance, committing to reducing its carbon footprint significantly. Ohio hopes to attract clean energy manufacturing and technology firms to drive economic growth and create jobs in the state.

Ohio has demonstrated exceptional vision and initiative in prioritizing the development of a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure, putting it at the forefront of EV adoption in the US. The construction of the first charging station under the NEVI program is a testament to Ohio’s commitment to building a cleaner and sustainable transportation future.

We hope that other states can learn from Ohio’s example and forge ahead on their EV infrastructure plans. The NEVI program offers significant opportunities for all states to drive the adoption of electric vehicles and build a cleaner and greener future.