EV charging app Chargeway just made it easier than ever for drivers to use EV charging stations.

On November 10, the company released an updated version of the app called Chargeway 2.0 (pictured above). This update brings a new user interface and intuitive features designed to simplify EV charging and trip planning.

The new features include a simplified user interface and real-time reports on the availability of public EV charging stations. The app also displays accurate charge time estimates personalized to the user’s EV model, as well as an enhanced trip planner.

One of the notable updates is the station map, which provides a detailed view of charging stations in the vicinity. The station map indicates the estimated charging time for each station, as well as whether it’s online and available. This is crucial to avoid inconvenience and unexpected power level variations when arriving at a chosen charging station.

To ensure the fastest charge times possible, Chargeway recommends specific chargers to drivers. This also helps older EVs without ultra-high-speed charging capabilities to avoid plugging into ports that they can’t fully take advantage of.

In an interview with CleanTechnica, Chargeway CEO Matt Teske said that the company’s goal is to help first-time EV drivers who don’t understand EV charging jargon. Instead of dealing with differences in voltage or charging power, the app presents clear estimates like “10 minutes” or “30 minutes.” This empowers drivers to make informed choices about where to plug in.

The updated trip planner assists EV drivers on long road trips. It calculates the necessary charging duration at each station based on the capabilities of the driver’s EV. The trip planner presents the most optimal charging plan for the driver’s route while excluding stations that are unavailable or occupied.

In addition, the trip planner considers factors like weather and driving speed when making its calculations.

Chargeway’s technology could make a significant difference in getting more drivers to embrace EVs. The unreliability of public EV chargers is one of the primary reasons why more drivers aren’t going electric. A 2022 study found that almost 23% of public chargers in the San Francisco Bay Area don’t work properly.

The updated Chargeway 2.0 app can be downloaded for iOS and Android phones.

Image Source: Brandan