UK researchers say that they have developed AI technology capable of detecting issues in EV batteries before they lead to fires. The technology is so effective that it could make EV battery fires a thing of the past.

EV battery fires are very difficult to put once they start. Stopping the fires from occurring could play a major role in increasing EV adoption.

The company behind the AI technology is called Eatron. According to The Cool Down, Eatron’s AI works in tandem with the battery, diagnosing potential problems as part of its unique battery management software.

One common cause of battery fires is a thermal runaway, a sequence of events within the power pack that can lead to an explosion. Battery overheating, battery puncturing, and short circuits are known triggers of thermal runaway.

Eatron identifies lithium plating as a primary factor contributing to these issues. Lithium deposits can accumulate around the anode when the battery is rapidly charged at low temperatures. If left unaddressed, these deposits can cause short circuits.

Eatron claims that its EV battery software can detect plating and other forms of degradation with a 90% accuracy rate and zero false positives.

Even more significantly, Eatron’s technology enables degradation detection after the batteries have already been integrated into EVs. In the past, batteries had to be opened to identify plating and other issues. Opening batteries is very difficult once EVs have been assembled.

The AI technology developed by Eatron acts as a wellness screening, allowing for the early detection of warning signs without the need for physical inspection. If issues are detected, EV owners can then schedule a fire-prevention repair at their preferred time.

Although Eatron has focused on electric cars, the company’s technology also holds enormous potential for e-bikes. Battery fires have led to significant restrictions on e-bike usage in cities like New York. Many US colleges have banned e-bikes altogether.

E-bikes are even better for the environment than electric cars. A recent report found that e-bikes and e-mopeds are reducing demand for oil by four times more than electric cars.

Image Source: ABP Club