Samsung Electronics stole the show at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a focus on sustainability that is driving its business activities. The company’s booth, aptly named the Sustainability Zone, showcased the tech giant’s commitment to tackling climate change by promoting resource circularity and collaboration.

Samsung’s Journey Towards Sustainability

In 2022, Samsung announced its environmental strategy to combat climate change and promote resource circularity. The strategy included a timeline of sustainability milestones aimed at achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. At CES 2024, attendees were given an in-depth look at how Samsung is making strides towards these goals.

The Sustainability Zone featured recycled plastic walls built using r-ABS and r-PP, innovative materials developed by Samsung’s Circular Economy Lab. These materials are produced from recycled styrofoam and by-products generated during the production of household goods, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to repurposing and recycling.

Moreover, the Circular Workshop provided a detailed look at the lifecycle of key products like the Galaxy Book4, Neo QLED 8K, and BESPOKE AI™ Washer, illustrating how sustainability is integrated into every stage of product development and lifecycle.

SmartThings Energy: A Smarter Approach to Energy Management

Samsung also unveiled an advanced version of SmartThings Energy, featuring AI Energy Mode for comprehensive energy management. This tool not only allows users to reduce their electricity bills but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Building on its recent collaboration with Tesla, Samsung showcased seamless integration of Tesla’s Powerwall 3, Solar Inverter, and Universal Wall Connector into the SmartThings Energy ecosystem. The partnership aims to further Samsung’s pursuit of the Net Zero Home concept.

To improve accessibility, Samsung introduced a new remote function that enables users to control their TVs using the SmartThings app on their smartphones. Other accessibility features included Live caption in-call providing real-time transcription on Galaxy devices, and Audio subtitles automatically recognizing and reading on-screen subtitles.

Collaborating with Startups for a Greener Future

Samsung highlighted its collaborations with startups aiming to create a better future. These partnerships focus on developing innovative solutions that address environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future.

With its strong commitment to sustainability and innovation showcased at CES 2024, Samsung continues to lead the way in tech industry efforts to address climate change and promote resource circularity.