In a bold step towards modern warfare, the French Army is investigating the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) and motorcycles in tactical operations. This unconventional move marks a significant milestone in military innovation, as these e-vehicles, typically associated with urban commuting or leisure activities, are now being considered for covert operations.

The silence and high speeds that e-bikes provide are what make them attractive for military purposes. They have evolved beyond just personal mobility tools, offering features like high power, ease of use, impressive range, and near-silent operation – characteristics that align well with military requirements. This isn’t the first instance of e-bikes being utilized in a military context; Ukraine’s use of combat-ready electric bikes is a recent example.

The technical section of the French Land Force, Battle Lab Terre, has been testing the LMX range of e-bikes and e-motorcycles. LMX Bikes, a French company renowned for its high-performance electric two-wheelers, has offered its LMX 56 electric bicycle and LMX 161 electric motorcycle for these evaluations. The purpose of these tests is to assess the practicality of these vehicles in a military environment.

The LMX 56 is a robust off-road e-bike that delivers 2,500 watts of power and 175 Nm of torque. Unlike standard e-mountain bikes, it has a unique dual drivetrain system and a large battery pack, providing a range of up to 62 miles on a single charge. Conversely, the LMX 161 is a lightweight electric motocross bike, boasting 9,000 watts of power, equivalent to 12 horsepower. Its weight is just half that of a traditional gas-powered motorbike, offering agility and efficiency on the battlefield.

These tests conducted by the French Army are not just about adopting new technology; they represent a reimagining of traditional military mobility. The integration of e-mobility into military operations could pave the way for more sustainable and efficient military practices. While it remains to be seen what these tests’ outcomes will be, they certainly hint at a quieter, cleaner, and perhaps more effective approach to tactical military maneuvers.

“The use of e-bikes in military operations marks a significant shift towards modern, efficient, and sustainable warfare,” says an official from the French Land Force. “We’re excited to explore the potential that these high-performance vehicles have to offer.”


Source: Gizmochina