Renewable Properties has recently launched its innovative Solar-Powered EV fleet charging service. This unique offering is specifically designed to cater to businesses transitioning their fleets to electric power.

The key player in small-scale utility and community solar projects has partnered with Black & Veatch, a global engineering and construction firm, to design the inaugural EV charging station. This facility will be located in Vacaville, California, a strategic hub for Bay Area transportation and distribution, particularly for major retail brands. The Vacaville station is set to serve as a blueprint for additional private charging depots, specifically catering to medium and heavy-duty electric truck and bus fleets across the West Coast.

Renewable Properties introduces a unique charging-as-a-service model, offering fleet owners and operators a cost-effective charging solution with no initial investment. The company will oversee the entire process, including siting, construction, ownership, operation, and maintenance of these gated depots. Customers will be charged based on the kilowatt-hours (KWh) consumed for charging their EVs. These depots are designed to feature ample electrical capacity, secure storage areas, and chargers compatible with a wide range of EV truck brands.

This initiative comes at a crucial time, as California businesses are now mandated to comply with the state’s Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) Regulation, effective since January 1, 2024. The ACF mandates a gradual shift to EV fleets for operators with substantial revenues or sizable fleets. This regulation encompasses a broad spectrum of entities, including major retail brands, public institutions, and drayage truck fleets associated with the state’s seaports and rail yards.

“The already-growing need for EV fleet charging is now more urgent with California’s new requirements for fleet electrification,” Aaron Halimi, Founder & CEO of Renewable Properties said. “With our simple, straightforward charging-as-a-service solution, our work with Black & Veatch, plus our deep experience in distributed electrical infrastructure development and land acquisition, Renewable Properties is uniquely positioned to relieve fleet owners of the burden of navigating the complex implementation of EV charging infrastructure.”

Complementing this, Randal Kaufman, sales director for Black & Veatch, affirms their commitment to advancing electric vehicle adoption. He notes that their expertise in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, combined with capabilities in EV charging and high-power delivery, is pivotal in driving EV projects forward.

The establishment of the first EV charging station in Vacaville marks the beginning of Renewable Properties’ ambitious plan to expand such services across the West Coast, addressing the growing need for efficient and sustainable EV fleet charging solutions.

Image Source: Fleet Equipment Magazine