Tesla broadens self-serve drive tests to destination chargers, offering a unique experience to potential customers and furthering its commitment to sustainable transportation. This initiative allows property owners who have invested in Tesla Destination Charging stations to host self-serve demo drives, enhancing the company’s reach while providing added value to their properties.

Tesla is now inviting Destination Charging sites to host these self-serve driving demos. Participants can schedule a test drive at these locations, with the process including the creation of a Tesla account for keyless access to the demo vehicles. This innovative approach is expected to increase Tesla’s visibility and customer engagement.

This development comes as part of Tesla’s ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle ownership. By setting up these self-drive tests at Destination Charging sites, Tesla is not only showcasing its advanced electric vehicles but also highlighting the ease and convenience of charging them, whether at home or on the road.

The expansion of self-drive tests to destination chargers is a strategic move that could significantly enhance Tesla’s customer acquisition strategy. It enables potential buyers to experience Tesla’s cutting-edge technology firsthand, potentially driving up sales and fostering greater adoption of electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Destination Charging program is already highly popular among property owners, providing an attractive amenity for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. The addition of self-serve drive tests at these sites adds another layer of appeal, creating a unique opportunity for visitors to experience Tesla’s world-class electric vehicles.

In addition to this, Tesla’s Find Us interactive map has been updated to include these self-serve demo drives at Destination Charging locations. This feature makes it easier for potential customers to locate these sites and schedule their test drives.

This announcement follows other recent initiatives by Tesla to enhance its charging infrastructure. The company has also announced upcoming Supercharger locations based on user votes, demonstrating its commitment to customer input and feedback in its decision-making process.

As Tesla continues to pioneer advancements in the electric vehicle sector, such initiatives underline its commitment to making sustainable transportation more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.


Image Source: Teslarati