A Tesla Model 3 was seen steering through severely flooded streets in San Diego, leaving onlookers at a local hotel in awe. A video, captured by a hotel guest, vividly shows the Tesla being audaciously driven like a makeshift boat amidst the city’s deluge, while a stranded Volkswagen Beetle is left in its wake.

The incident occurred on Monday when unexpected heavy rainfall hit the San Diego area, leading to significant urban flooding, especially in downtown locales. Bystanders and hotel guests were amongst the first to witness the unusual sight of the Tesla confidently navigating through several inches of standing water. With many roadways submerged, the electric vehicle’s passage through the flood became a moment of incredulity for onlookers.

Despite the potential risks associated with driving through deep water, including damage to the vehicle’s electrical systems and the danger of hydroplaning, the Tesla driver seemed undeterred. Videos circulating on platforms such as YouTube and social media channels show the car plowing forward, creating waves that spread towards other motorists and pedestrians.

Tesla’s official website cautions its customers about the potential risks of water damage, which is not covered under the vehicle’s warranty. The site advises treating a water-exposed Tesla as if it has been in an accident and to contact insurance for support.

Tesla cars are known for their sealed battery compartments and electric motors, which might offer some resistance against floodwaters compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. However, experts consistently warn against such risky maneuvers due to the unpredictability of water levels and the potential for hidden road hazards.

Elon Musk has claimed that the Tesla Model 3 can float temporarily and that the upcoming Cybertruck will be capable of crossing bodies of water. However, this does not negate the risk of water infiltrating and damaging critical components of the car.

San Diego authorities and rescue services were already on high alert due to the severe weather conditions, and incidents like this highlight the dangers that can arise even in urban settings. While there were no reports of injuries related to this specific event, it stands as a reminder of the risks associated with floodwaters.

Image Source: USA Today