Kalyani Group, the world’s second-largest forging company, is focusing on CV conversion from ICE to EV. The conversion of Commercial Vehicles from Internal Combustion Engines to Electric Vehicles forms the pivot of Kalyani Group’s four-pronged green growth strategy.

Kalyani Powertrain Ltd, the e-mobility arm of Bharat Forge, a part of the Kalyani Group, is setting up a specialized unit for the electric retrofit of trucks. It is concentrating on ICE Intermediate Commercial Vehicles (ICVs) for conversion into EVs. In doing so, it has become the first company to secure AIS 123 certification.

The transition from ICE to EV manufacturing is a response to the global trend among auto Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who are gradually shifting from ICE to EV production. The Kalyani Group’s strategic move towards green energy is expected to harness the potential of this growing market.

Kalyani Powertrain Ltd.’s technology primarily involves the indigenous development of electric powertrains suitable for Indian applications. By focusing on CV conversion, the company plans to contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions, aligning with India’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The green growth strategy is not only an environmental initiative but also a business opportunity. The retrofitting of ICVs to EVs is expected to create a new market segment, driving growth and profitability in the long run. This strategic shift could potentially transform the transportation landscape in India and place the Kalyani Group at the forefront of the country’s EV revolution.

With their historic commitment to innovation and sustainability, the Kalyani Group’s move towards EVs is a significant leap towards a greener future for the Indian automotive industry. It not only underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable development but also positions it as a leader in the nation’s growing EV market.

Image Source: The Hindu Business Line