The Philippine landslide death toll has now tragically climbed to 98, reports say. The calamity occurred in the town of Maco, Davao de Oro province, on February 6. Currently, 9 individuals are reported missing, and search operations remain underway for the missing individuals.

Recent weeks have seen Davao de Oro battered by torrential rains. These conditions have led to floods and landslides, displacing numerous families.

The devastating landslide that took place last week buried houses and caused widespread destruction. Since then, rescue teams have been working around the clock, combing through the debris in an attempt to locate the missing individuals. Despite these efforts, the Philippine death toll continues to rise. Rescue teams remain hopeful, but the chances of finding more survivors are dwindling as time passes.

The landslide struck outside a gold mining site in Maco. It engulfed homes and vehicles, including three buses and a jeep. These vehicles were meant to transport employees of the mining company involved. The search for survivors is proving challenging, with dense rubble and unstable ground conditions making the operation increasingly difficult.

Apex Mining, the operator at the site, confirmed that four vehicles, not just two as previously believed, were buried in the landslide. The company has yet to ascertain the number of passengers in the vehicles at the time of the incident. According to Apex, the buses could seat 60 people, and the jeep 36.

Environmentalists demand an investigation at the mining village in the wake of the February 6 landslide.

Efforts to find the missing continue as the community grapples with the aftermath of this catastrophe. The focus remains on rescue operations and providing necessary aid to those affected.

Image Source: Philippine Star