The EV charging void is compelling drivers to navigate alternate routes to power up their vehicles. Electric vehicle owners, especially those unable to install a home charger, are increasingly turning to solutions offered by American and European firms, creating a new landscape in the journey toward green transportation.

The US and EU Solutions

In the United States and Europe, companies have stepped up to fill this void, offering various stopgap solutions. For instance, seven automakers have pledged to work together to build an extensive EV charging network with 30,000 charging plugs last year. These efforts are not just about providing more charging points but also about ensuring the availability of efficient and convenient alternatives for EV owners.

The Biden administration has also taken decisive steps to address this issue. It recently invested $623 million into the EV charging infrastructure, aiming to alleviate ‘range anxiety’ – a significant deterrent for potential EV buyers. However, this seems like not enough.

Other Power Routes

Some EV drivers are finding innovative ways to charge their vehicles. For example, Clare Tan, an electric BYD Atto 3 owner, uses a home charger as a workaround.

Tan used an app called Co Charger. This app has around 5,500 “hosts” list chargers that people can easily rent. Joel Teague, CEO of Co Charger, said “People need confidence they can charge affordably to buy EVs,” .

Veteran Uber driver David Dario Cuny  had a similar problem with EV charging stations. He said, he wants an EV, but has nowhere to charge near his apartment in a Paris suburb.

“I would make the switch tomorrow,” if charging is easily accessible, he said.

 The EV charging infrastructure is still in its nascent stages, and there is a long road ahead before it can match the convenience of traditional fueling stations.

The EV charging void, thus, is more than just a gap in infrastructure; it’s a catalyst for innovation, pushing stakeholders to devise new strategies and solutions.

Image Source: Irish Examiner