President Joe Biden ordered an investigation into the potential national security risks of Chinese cars operating in the United States. The White House said on Thursday that restrictions might be implemented over worries related to ‘connected’ car technology.

The U.S. prides itself on the excellence of its automakers and workers, recognized worldwide for their quality and ingenuity. With the auto industry being crucial to the nation’s economy, Biden emphasizes that the U.S. cannot afford to let its guard down against unfair practices aimed at dominating the market, especially from China.

Highlighting the evolution of modern vehicles into “smartphones on wheels,” the President raised alarms over the possibility of “connected” vehicles from China collecting and transmitting sensitive data back to the People’s Republic of China. Such cars, integrated with our phones, navigation systems, and even critical infrastructure, pose unprecedented security threats including potential remote access or disablement.

The President pointed out the irony in China’s restrictive policies on American and other foreign autos within its borders, questioning why vehicles from China should operate in the U.S. without stringent safeguards.

In response, he has tasked the Secretary of Commerce with conducting a thorough investigation into connected vehicles featuring technology from countries of concern, including China.

Safeguarding American Auto Industry and National Security

This investigation into the national security risks of Chinese cars aims to ensure that vehicles from China and similar nations do not compromise U.S. national security.

By taking these steps, Biden reaffirms his pledge to support auto workers and middle-class families reliant on the auto industry, insisting on a future where the industry thrives on American soil, powered by American workers.

Image Source: South China Morning Post