The fastest Gravity EV charger in the United States has now been made accessible to the public in New York City.

The Google-backed EV charging startup promises to significantly reduce charging times for EV owners, contributing to the broader adoption of clean energy vehicles.

Gravity’s new 500kW charging stations is reportedly the fastest public EV charger available in the country. It has the capability to add up to 2,400 miles of range per hour of charging. This technology is about the size of a carry-on suitcase. Plus, the charger offers an unprecedented rate of charge, providing roughly 320 kilometers of range in just five minutes.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, this initial site is just the beginning. Gravity has plans to significantly expand its network.

The company can produce and install thousands of chargers annually, with more locations already in the pipeline.

According to Gravity’s CEO Moshe Cohen, the potential for growth matches or even surpasses the expansion rate of Tesla’s Supercharger network.

“If you look at how many (Tesla) Superchargers are added per year, we can add that many or more to grow our network. There’s nothing blocking that,” Moshe Cohen, Gravity’s CEO, told Reuters.

Easy Access to Sustainable Transportation Solutions

The launch of these chargers in Midtown Manhattan shows the city’s commitment to becoming a leader in sustainable transportation solutions. The company’s approach not only focuses on speed but also on accessibility, ensuring that EV owners can easily find and use these high-speed chargers.

Gravity’s ambition doesn’t stop at competing with Tesla. They intend to secure additional funding this year to broaden their high-speed charging network across the country. Cohen expressed confidence in the company’s expansion plans, highlighting significant interest in their fundraising efforts.

“We will do more fundraising, of course, our goal is to expand nationally immediately, and so we have quite a bit of interest,” CEO Cohen added.

Compact Chargers

Notably, Gravity’s chargers are remarkably compact, comparable in size to a carry-on suitcase. This contrasts with the larger charging stations typically seen from other network operators and automakers.

However, it’s important to note that most electric vehicles currently have a maximum charging speed limit of 350 kW. Future models are expected to accommodate faster charging speeds, making Gravity’s high-capacity chargers even more relevant.

As the rollout of the Gravity EV charger continues, the impact on the EV market and the environment is expected to be substantial. Gravity’s efforts are seen as a critical step forward in the fight against climate change, offering a glimpse into a future where electric vehicles dominate the roads, powered by fast, efficient, and accessible charging solutions.

Image Source: Fleet Management Weekly