Angela Chao tragically lost her life on February 11, possibly due to mistakenly putting her Tesla in reverse, Wall Street Journal reports.

The CEO of Foremost Group and sister to the former US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was 50 years old when her Tesla was found submerged in a pond on her 900-acre ranch near Austin, Texas last month.

Accidental Reversal Leads to Fatal Outcome

Authorities are currently investigating the possibility that Chao might have inadvertently reversed her Tesla into the pond while attempting a three-point turn. This theory emerges as officials from the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office delve deeper into the circumstances leading to the car’s fatal plunge. Initial findings suggest drowning as the likely cause of death.

Investigation Underway Amid Speculations of Foul Play

The case has garnered widespread attention, with notable individuals like hedge fund manager J. Kyle Bass voicing concerns over potential foul play, including speculations around the Tesla being hacked. The sheriff’s office is treating the investigation as a criminal matter until conclusive evidence directs otherwise.

Final Moments Before the Tragedy

The accident occurred shortly after Chao celebrated the Lunar New Year with friends. Opting to return to her main house late at night, Chao reportedly made a panicked call to a friend, explaining that her vehicle had ended up in the pond due to a misjudged three-point turn, an error she confessed to having made before.

Rescue efforts were hampered by the remote and challenging location of the crash site. Despite rapid response, Chao was found unresponsive upon extraction from her Tesla Model X. Attempts to reach Tesla for comments on the incident have been unsuccessful.

Safety Concerns and Ongoing Investigations

This unfortunate incident underscores the need for increased awareness and safety measures surrounding modern automotive technologies, especially in secluded areas. As the investigation continues, the focus remains on uncovering the exact cause of the accident, amidst growing concerns over vehicle safety and the potential for criminal involvement.

The loss of Angela Chao due to mistakenly putting her Tesla in reverse has left a community in mourning, with friends, family, and associates eagerly awaiting answers as authorities work diligently to provide clarity on the events that led to her untimely demise.

Image Source: Worthy Hacks