The electric bike industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, with a variety of manufacturers producing e-bikes for a wide range of uses. Giant, one of the world’s leading bike brands, is no exception. The company recently announced an update to their popular Explorer E+ commuter e-bike with increased range and other features that make it even more attractive than before. In this article, we’ll take a look at the new updates to the Giant Explorer E+, as well as what makes it stand out from other commuter e-bikes on the market.

The New Explorer E+

The new Explorer E+ is Giant’s update to their popular commuter e-bike. The bike now has more range, thanks to a larger battery, and a more powerful motor. The bike is also now lighter and easier to ride, thanks to some new frame and suspension designs.

More Range, Same Power

The Explorer E+ is Giant’s commuter e-bike, and for their 2020 model they’ve increased the range while keeping the power the same. The bike now has a 500 watt motor and a 14 Ah battery, which gives it a range of up to 70 miles on a single charge. That’s almost double the range of the previous model, and it should be enough to get most people to and from work without any problem.

The bike still features the same great frame and components as before, so you’re getting a quality e-bike that’s just been upgraded with a longer range. If you’re looking for an e-bike to help you commute, the Explorer E+ should definitely be on your list.

Improved Display and Control

The Giant Explorer E+ Commuter E-Bike has been updated with a new display and control system. The new system includes a backlit LCD display that shows battery life, range, speed, and odometer readings. The display is mounted on the handlebars for easy viewing. The control system has been updated to include a three-button control pad that is located on the left handlebar. The buttons are used to control the bike’s motor assist levels. There are three assist levels: low, medium, and high. The assist level can be changed while riding the bike. The new display and control system make it easier to see information about the bike and to control the motor assist while riding.