Volkswagen is making moves to enter the U.S. pickup truck market with a possible plug-in hybrid option. The company is reportedly in talks with truck makers to develop a pickup that would be based on its MEB electric platform. If VW succeeds in getting this pickup off the ground, it could be one of the first plug-in hybrid pickups available for purchase in America. This move highlights the growing demand for greener vehicles, as well as VW’s commitment to creating more sustainable and efficient transportation options. In this blog post, we will explore how the potential addition of a VW plug-in hybrid pickup truck could change the US auto industry and why this could be a great investment for consumers.

What are the benefits of a plug-in hybrid truck?

The benefits of a plug-in hybrid truck are many. For starters, they are much more fuel efficient than traditional gas-powered trucks. They also emit far less pollution, making them better for the environment. Additionally, plug-in hybrids have much more torque than their gasoline-powered counterparts, so they can tow heavier loads and haul more cargo. Finally, since they rely partially on electricity to power them, plug-in hybrids are often cheaper to operate than traditional gas-powered trucks.

VW’s history with pickup trucks in America

Volkswagen has a long and complicated history with pickup trucks in America. The German automaker first tried to enter the American pickup truck market in the early 1970s with the VW-based Rabbit Pickup. However, the Rabbit Pickup was plagued with quality issues and was a commercial failure.

VW tried again in the 1980s with the introduction of the Volkswagen Caddy. The Caddy was a small pickup truck based on the VW Golf platform. Although it was more successful than the Rabbit Pickup, it still failed to gain traction in the American market.

VW finally had some success in the American pickup truck market with the launch of the Amarok in 2010. The Amarok was a midsize pickup truck that was well-received by critics and customers alike. However, sales of the Amarok were relatively low and VW discontinued it in 2015.

Now, VW is considering launching a plug-in hybrid version of its popular Atlas SUV as a pickup truck for the American market. The Atlas Tanoak concept is a rugged and stylish pickup truck that has plenty of space for hauling cargo. It remains to be seen if VW can finally find success in America’s pickup truck market with this latest effort.