As a sign of its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting electric vehicles, Ohio recently announced it is installing federal NEVI-funded DC charging stations across the state. These charging stations will be situated next to supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels, and banks, and will be located no more than a mile off the interstate. Ohio is the first US state to announce the locations for its federal NEVI-funded DC charging stations, which is a significant step to boost the state’s EV infrastructure.

Many states have had difficulty getting their act together in order to award the NEVI funding for EV charging stations.

With the installation of DC charging stations every 50 miles across Ohio, electric vehicle drivers will have better access to charging facilities than ever before. Each site will include at least four 150 kW charger ports and be accessible 24/7, making it convenient for drivers to charge their electric vehicles whenever they need to. Moreover, the charging stations will be located in areas near food, drink, and restrooms, making charging a comfortable and seamless experience.

Ohio is investing more than $18 million in National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program funds to develop 27 DC fast charging stations along seven of Ohio’s interstate corridors. EVgo Inc. and its partners won the bid for deployment of 20 fast-charging stations for electric vehicles across the state, for which they will receive $13.8 million in funding.

The move is part of a larger NEVI program established as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law recently passed by Congress.

Evgo has plans for 14 of the charging stations to be installed at travel centers operated by Pilot, one of its partners in the EVgo eXtend program. These centers will provide ready access to essential facilities such as food, drinks, and restrooms, making charging a comfortable experience for drivers.

Ohio’s plans are a bold move towards promoting electric vehicle adoption in the state. The government plans to release over $100 million in NEVI funds over the next five years to further expand and support EV charging infrastructure deployment across the state.

It is a visionary move that will encourage more drivers to ditch their gas-guzzling vehicles for electric cars, with assurances that they will always find a charging port nearby.

Ohio’s move to install DC fast-charging stations is a significant step towards achieving energy independence and reducing the carbon footprint of the state. This initiative will make electric vehicle ownership more accessible to everyone, thanks to the charging stations’ strategic locations. It will also inspire other US states to make similar investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Ohio is setting an example for others to follow, and we can’t wait to see the impact this move will have on electric vehicle adoption in the state.