There’s a lot of negativity around EVs, particularly charging and winter. I have to say the Telsa Model Y is the best winter experience I’ve ever had. There are definitely some situations where they wouldn’t work but for me this is the best. Let me explain.

For starters let me share that I live in the suburbs of Edmonton. It can get awfully cold here but we have a detached double garage with a good charger in it. It cost about $1000 to put that charger in and it will charge my car fully overnight. The Model Y has about 500km of range but to preserve the long-term health of the battery you’re only supposed to charge to 90% for day-to-day use. Save the 100% charges for road trips. I can charge it overnight so it’s easily full every morning. Let me repeat that, every morning I wake up to a full 450km tank. I can drive all day around town and when I’m done I plug the car in (takes 2 seconds), walk away and it will be full the next morning. It costs about $8 to fill. That’s much better than standing outside in -30 filling up a $100 gas tank.

So unless I drive more than 300km in a single day I don’t even think about range. How often do you drive more than that? Just road trips which I’ll cover in another article.