The BMW Neue Klasse EV will be a revolutionary addition to the company’s existing line of electric cars. The new class will feature a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, as well as improved charging speeds that can cut recharge times down to as little as 30 minutes. It is expected that the vehicle will have an interior similar to other BMW models, with luxurious materials and intuitive controls.

The plan for production of this new model in China has been in place since November 2022, when BBA announced their intent to invest ten billion yuan into the project. This money is being used for constructing the factory in which sixth-generation battery cells will be assembled, so they can power the EVs properly. The batteries produced at the factory are expected to be some of the most advanced in the world, utilizing innovative technology that will allow for faster and more efficient charging times.

The BMW Neue Klasse EV is set to hit markets in 2025, and its production in China is expected to begin in 2026. With this new vehicle entering the market, it is likely that other automakers will have to innovate their electric car lines as well in order to stay competitive. It’s clear that BMW is paving the way for a new level of innovation when it comes to electric cars—and we can’t wait until these new models are available on the road.


The BMW Neue Klasse EV is set to be one of the most impressive electric cars available and will revolutionize the market. With its revolutionary range, charging speeds, and materials, this new class of EVs is sure to make waves in the industry. It’s exciting to see that BMW is leading the way with innovation when it comes to electric vehicles—we can’t wait until these models are available for purchase!