Tesla is planning to temporarily shut down its Giga Texas facility to perform upgrades on the Model Y production lines. Simultaneously, the company will redirect some of its employees from the Model Y line to support the commencement of Cybertruck production. This strategic move aims to enhance manufacturing capabilities and meet the increasing demand for both vehicles. Let’s delve into the details of this development.

Model Y Production Line Upgrades

As per information obtained from drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, who has reliable sources at Giga Texas, Tesla will initiate a temporary shutdown of Model Y production next week. The anticipated duration of the shutdown is approximately five days, which aligns with the timelines observed during production line upgrades at other Gigafactories. Although specific details regarding the upgrades were not disclosed, it is expected that the modifications will optimize production processes and potentially boost output.

After the upgrades are complete, there may be a temporary slowdown in Model Y production as employees adapt to the changes and familiarize themselves with the new processes. 

Focus on Cybertruck Production

Concurrently with the Model Y shutdown, Tesla will reallocate some of its employees who previously worked on the swing shift to the Cybertruck production lines. These skilled workers will be responsible for calibrating and conducting final testing on the Cybertruck assembly, preparing it for full-scale production. According to Tegtmeyer, this testing and calibration process is expected to occupy most of the month of July. Therefore, there is a possibility that Cybertruck production may commence by late July or early August.

Expansion Plans in Kyle

In an intriguing development, Tegtmeyer revealed that Tesla has initiated the construction of a new manufacturing plant in Kyle, located approximately 32km (20 miles) southwest of Giga Texas. Although not officially confirmed, this facility could potentially produce seats and other components for both the Model Y and the Cybertruck. This expansion aligns with Tesla’s continuous efforts to optimize its supply chain and improve efficiency by having local production capabilities.


Tesla’s decision to temporarily shut down Giga Texas for Model Y production line upgrades and shift employees to support the start of Cybertruck production underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality electric vehicles efficiently. By fine-tuning the manufacturing processes and optimizing resources, Tesla aims to enhance production rates for both the Model Y and the highly anticipated Cybertruck. Furthermore, the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Kyle showcases Tesla’s dedication to localizing production and streamlining its supply chain. These developments indicate an exciting future for Tesla as it continues to innovate and meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation options.