Tesla has once again demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the driving experience by releasing a software update that addresses a common request from Model 3 and Model Y owners. The latest update, version 2023.20, introduces a new feature that allows drivers to control their windshield wipers directly from the steering wheel, eliminating the need to activate them first.

According to reports, Tesla enthusiasts who have installed the update have discovered that they can now adjust the speed of their windshield wipers using the left steering wheel button. This convenient addition gives drivers the ability to customize their wiper settings, turn them off entirely, or set them to auto mode without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Previously, Tesla had introduced a feature in version 2023.12 that enabled users to adjust the wiper speed by tilting the scroll wheel left or right. However, this function required drivers to activate the wipers by pressing the left stalk button before making any adjustments. The new update eliminates this extra step, providing a more seamless and intuitive experience for Tesla owners.

This recent software release comes shortly after Elon Musk acknowledged the underperformance of the auto-sensing wipers feature and promised improvements. On Twitter, Musk explained that the system’s neural net had been upgraded from a single camera and single frame setup to a surround video configuration. This enhancement allows the car to leverage data from all its video cameras, including the rear-facing one, to gain a better understanding of the environment. The aim is to prevent the wipers from activating unnecessarily when the windshield is dry.

While Tesla strives to perfect its automated wiper system, the company understands the importance of providing manual control options. The new steering wheel wiper controls offer drivers a reliable backup solution, ensuring that they can always manually trigger the wipers or set them to a timed setting if desired.

In addition to the wiper control update, Tesla’s OTA software version 2023.20 includes various other improvements. The Full Self-Driving Beta driver assistance system has been enhanced, demonstrating Tesla’s ongoing efforts to refine its autonomous driving capabilities. Furthermore, a new smartphone app feature has been introduced, allowing owners to set a PIN code that must be entered before driving off, enhancing security and peace of mind. Tesla has also added a new screen that displays the mileage since the last tire service, enabling drivers to stay on top of their vehicle’s maintenance needs. Additionally, owners can now preview any of the car’s video cameras, expanding their visibility and control over their Tesla’s surroundings.

Tesla’s commitment to delivering regular over-the-air software updates showcases the company’s dedication to continuously improving its vehicles and meeting customer demands. By addressing user feedback and introducing new features like the steering wheel wiper controls, Tesla reinforces its position as a pioneer in the automotive industry, setting the bar high for innovation and driver convenience.