As reported by The Drive:

After years of anticipation, the first Tesla Cybertruck has finally rolled off the production line in Texas. However, the excitement has been somewhat dampened by the news that the Cybertruck isn’t free from Tesla’s notorious quality control issues. The vehicle reportedly has a misaligned door, continuing a worrying trend for the electric car manufacturer.

Tesla has often been criticized for its quality control, with numerous complaints from customers about build concerns and other issues. This latest news about the Cybertruck only adds fuel to the fire. While it may seem like a minor issue, a misaligned door can lead to other problems down the line.

It could affect the vehicle’s overall integrity and could potentially be a safety concern. This is especially important for the Cybertruck, which has been marketed as a durable and reliable workhorse.

It’s worth noting that the Cybertruck is still in its early stages of production, so it’s possible that this issue will be resolved quickly. However, this isn’t the first time that Tesla has faced issues with its early production models.

The Model X, for example, faced numerous quality issues when it was first introduced. This led to delays and frustrated customers, which is something that Tesla can ill afford with the Cybertruck, given the high demand it has already generated.

One thing that Tesla can do to mitigate this issue is to be transparent and communicative with its customers. Many of Tesla’s fans are loyal and forgiving, as long as they are kept in the loop about what’s going on.

If Tesla comes out and addresses the misaligned door issue head-on, and makes a commitment to resolving it quickly, it could go a long way towards maintaining trust and goodwill amongst its fan base.

Despite these concerns, it’s essential to remember that the Cybertruck is still an exciting and innovative product. It represents a significant shift in the pickup truck market and could potentially change the way consumers think about electric vehicles.

As we’ve seen with many of Tesla’s previous products, the company has a track record of overcoming production challenges and delivering high-quality vehicles. It’s possible that the misaligned door is simply a minor bump in the road and will be resolved quickly.

Tesla’s production of the Cybertruck is a significant milestone for the company and the automotive industry as a whole. However, concerns about quality control and the misaligned door issue have marred the initial launch. It’s crucial that Tesla addresses these concerns proactively and transparently to maintain the trust of its loyal fan base. Ultimately, the Cybertruck is an exciting product that could revolutionize the industry, and we look forward to seeing how Tesla addresses the current concerns and delivers on its promise of innovation and quality.