The social contract of men’s urinals is based on two fundamental principles: personal space and efficiency. In most public restrooms, urinals are arranged in close proximity to one another, which means that men have to share the limited space available. To honor each other’s personal space, an unspoken rule is followed where men leave a vacant urinal between themselves and the next person if possible. This “buffer zone” helps to prevent unnecessary awkwardness and discomfort.

Evidently Tesla Supercharging Stations operate in a similar manner with the same unwritten rule.

Tesla Supercharger Social Contract

In a recent Business Insider article by Grace Kay, Tesla owners sounded off about Here’s what Tesla owners wish new EV buyers understood.

Tesla owners have expressed their concerns regarding the understanding of new electric vehicle (EV) buyers. One important etiquette they emphasize is to avoid parking next to someone at a Supercharger, unless absolutely necessary.

Nelson Jackson, a Model S owner, explains that this practice slows down the charge for the other driver when sharing the same stall. Tesla charging stations feature stalls labeled with a number and the letters “A” and “B.” If two vehicles are plugged into stalls with the same number (such as 1A and 1B), the charging speed is halved as both EVs draw from the same power source, as reported by Clean Technica.

“Just like anything, there is basic etiquette,” said Nelson Jackson, a Model S owner. “Tesla etiquette is: Don’t park next to someone else at a Supercharger because if you’re sharing a stall, you just slowed down their charge.”

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the more chargers available at a location, even if they are spaced out, the slower the overall charging will be. To avoid slower chargers, Tesla owners often rely on the company’s internal navigation system to locate charging sites with less traffic.

These insights from Tesla owners shed light on the importance of considering charging etiquette and optimizing charging experiences for all EV users.