Hertz, the well-known rental giant, has taken a significant step towards a more sustainable future as the company has partnered with Zeem Solutions, an electric vehicle transportation as a service, to charge their growing fleet of EVs at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

While Hertz aims to build its rental fleet of electric vehicles in North America, the partnership with Zeem for EV charging needs will ensure a smooth experience for their customers.

One partnership for a national conglomerate is not going to decide the Clean Energy Revolution, but this is a very nice baby step.

The EV charging depot of Zeem Solutions is located less than a mile from LAX, providing fast charging, parking, security, and scheduled maintenance and cleaning under one roof.

“We look forward to continuing to expand our EV fleet at LAX and other locations around the country as we build the largest rental fleet of electric vehicles in North America,” said David Payne, Senior Director of EV Charging Solutions at Hertz. “Partnering with Zeem for EV charging needs will allow us to continue providing an exceptional EV rental experience to our customers.”

The partnership with Hertz is a positive step towards reducing the infamous carbon footprint in the transportation industry.

Zeem Solutions charging facility is already widely used by a broad range of transportation providers.

The charging hub offers 82 DC fast charging ports, and on completion of its infrastructure build-out later this year, it will offer a staggering 10 MW of grid interconnection. Furthermore, with the addition of Hertz’s EV fleet, the charging facility expects industry-redefining charging utilization.

Hertz has accelerated its plan of providing high-quality EV rental experiences to its customers, a notion that is vital as more people shift towards electric vehicle rentals from traditional gas-powered models.

The partnership with Zeem Solutions will ensure that Hertz’s EV charging needs are well met, thereby charging their EV fleet reliably and efficiently.

Hertz’s partnership with Zeem Solutions speaks volumes about their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint created by the automotive industry.

It is also an indication that the EV rental industry is well on its way towards mass adoption, aided by strategic partnerships like this. In an industry where sustainability is now a key driver of the market, companies that are proactive in taking up greener alternatives stand to gain the most.:

As the world moves towards innovative solutions to combat climate change, partnerships like Hertz’s with Zeem Solutions to promote sustainable transportation are a breath of fresh air. They are critical steps towards reducing emissions in the transport sector and preserving the environment. This partnership will serve as a catalyst for the adoption of electric vehicles in the rental industry, encouraging other companies to follow suit. Furthermore, by partnering with Zeem Solutions, Hertz and the transportation industry at large can have a more significant impact on the environment and promote cleaner energy for a better future.