How The Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup Rescued A Stranded Elderly Man In A Wheelchair

Being stranded in an electric wheelchair is not something anyone wants to experience, especially for an elderly individual. However, thanks to the use of Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup, one man’s experience was a little less traumatizing. In today’s blog post, we’ll be diving into how police officers in Atwater, California utilized the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup to help a stranded elderly man in a wheelchair.

On Monday afternoon, the Atwater Police Department received an emergency call about an elderly man who was stuck in his electric wheelchair outside of an Auto Zone auto parts store. The police quickly arrived at the scene and assessed the situation. They determined that the man’s electric wheelchair just needed a quick charge to be operable again.

Fortunately, the Atwater Police Department had two all-electric pickup trucks on hand, both of which were gifted to the city by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. These trucks are equipped with a feature called Pro Power Onboard, which allows them to transfer power from the vehicle’s battery drive chain to other battery-operated or electric devices.

In this situation, the police officers utilized this handy feature to recharge the elderly man’s electric wheelchair enough so that he could be safely transported to his residence. This was a lifesaver for the man, who would have otherwise been stranded and unable to return home.

The use of the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup to rescue someone in need is not only a great example of how technology can be utilized to help others, but also an inspiring story of how communities can come together to support each other in difficult times.

Chief Salvador stated, “With temperatures today over 100 degrees it was important to get this wheelchair operational and get the stranded person out of the heat. These new vehicles have provided the department with a host of new capabilities that have yet to be fully explored. These trucks are the first in what the department hopes is a transformation of our fleet to alternative fuel vehicles that lower emissions, fuel, and maintenance costs.”

This is not the first time an F-150 Lighting has helped supply power during an emergency:

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In conclusion, the rescue of the stranded elderly man in Atwater, California is an uplifting story that demonstrates the benefits of utilizing advanced technology to help those in need. The use of the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup to recharge the man’s electric wheelchair proves how innovative and resourceful solutions can be found in unexpected places. The generosity of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District in gifting these electric pickups to the community shows the importance of environmental responsibility and how it can change lives for the better. Overall, this story is a reminder of the power of community and how we can all make a difference in each other’s lives, no matter how big or small the act may be.