The ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles is about to witness another shift, this time with Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 ‘Highland’ refresh. Leaks and rumors surrounding this eagerly anticipated update have been circulating for a while, and now, a series of leaked images have provided a closer look at the new dashboard and wheels of the Model 3 Highland. As these images make their rounds online, the electric car community is abuzz with excitement about what changes this refresh might bring to Tesla’s popular Model 3.

The leaked images, which surfaced online and were originally posted by @xiaoteshushu in China, offer an up-close view of the alleged dashboard for the Model 3 Highland. Although the original post has since been deleted, the images have managed to capture the attention of enthusiasts and industry observers alike. These images are significant because they provide a glimpse into the potential design changes that Tesla is implementing in the ‘Highland’ refresh, often referred to as ‘Project Highland’.

Model 3 Highland

Model 3 Highland

One of the most noticeable changes in the leaked images is the redesigned dashboard. Former president of Munro & Associates, Cory Steuben, shed light on this new dashboard’s potential features. He pointed out that there appears to be a refreshed instrument panel (IP) top cover that integrates a larger area of the A-surface into one piece. This observation has led to speculation about possible new features, including the inclusion of a second driver display. However, it’s important to note that this speculation remains speculative until further information is officially confirmed by Tesla.

The upcoming Model 3 refresh has already garnered attention due to its anticipated on-screen shifter, Smart Shift. In addition to this, the refresh is expected to revamp the vehicle’s interior materials, with wood trim being replaced by a metal or metal-like finish. The leaked images suggest that the trim might be separate from the central dash piece, potentially allowing Tesla to offer various colors or finishes, such as carbon fiber or fabric, to cater to different preferences and trim levels.

Furthermore, the leaked images provide a clearer look at the new wheels that are expected to come with the Model 3 Highland. These wheels, which showcase a distinctive 14-spoke design with off-center spokes, could contribute to improved aerodynamics and potentially even extend the vehicle’s range. Tesla has always been committed to enhancing efficiency and range in its electric vehicles, and these new wheels could align with that goal.

The speculation surrounding the Model 3 Highland refresh has fueled anticipation among Tesla enthusiasts, such as this from The EV Feed on LinkedIn:

The Tesla’s Highland – A Comprehensive Insight!

The automotive world is buzzing with anticipation, and if you haven’t heard of the Tesla Highland, where have you been? 😜

All eyes are on Tesla as they prepare to unveil the highly awaited Model 3 refresh, known as the Highland. Here’s a deep dive into what’s coming:

It is rumoured it will have a more impressive design, with tail lights similar to Porsche Macan, and an overall feel similar to Model S.

In a vehicle filmed at Tesla’s Fremont site, the driver’s movements apparently suggested that Tesla is doing away with steering column levers for turn signals, headlights and windscreen wipers, as in the Model S.

There are also rumours that Tesla will equip the new edition of its new Model 3 with new battery cells from CATL with lithium manganese iron phosphate chemistry (LMFP).

This should increase the range of the base model from the current 491 kilometres according to WLTP to up to 556 kilometres.

However, the charging performance of LMFP cells is generally somewhat poorer. It remains to be seen what solution Tesla has found – if the switch to LMFP cells is made at all.

Other rumours are about upgrades to the drive and performance, but there has been no confirmation of this yet either.

🔍 The Highland Refresh: A Closer Look

Sales Indicators: China’s sales figures for July 2023 reveal a 31% decline from June, hinting at the imminent release of the Highland.

Production Insights: Tesla’s Giga Shanghai facility has begun producing the latest Model 3, with a full transition expected by mid-August.

Features & Innovations: Expect design updates, ventilated seats, improved interior lighting, Smart Shift, and more. The refresh is lighter and more cost-efficient, integrating hardware 4.0 and additional cameras.

🚀 Anticipated Launch & Market Impact

Challenges Ahead: Convincing buyers to purchase the existing Model 3 remains a hurdle.

Stimulating Demand: The unveiling could boost demand in Q4, aligning with key dates for Full Self Driving transfers.

🔓 Tesla’s Infotainment System Jailbreak

What Happened? Researchers have discovered a way to exploit Tesla’s infotainment system, unlocking premium features.

Perks & Risks: While exciting, this discovery opens doors for potential misuse and security concerns.

🔌 Supercharging Innovations

Magic Dock Expansion: Tesla is expanding its unique adapter to non-Tesla EVs, recently spotted in Texas.

Billing Transformation in Canada: Tesla has switched to kWh billing, offering a more transparent system for Canadian customers.

In conclusion, Tesla continues to lead the way in automotive innovation, from the exciting Highland refresh to groundbreaking Supercharging developments. As we gear up for the future, Tesla’s commitment to enhancing the EV experience is clear.

As the leaked images offer a tantalizing glimpse into the changes that might be in store, Tesla’s well-kept secret remains intact. It’s believed that production of the Model 3 Highland will kick off in China in the near future, with production lines in Fremont soon to follow suit. This production timeline might also provide insights into the recent pushback of Model 3 orders, as Tesla gears up for the next chapter in its electric vehicle journey.


While the leaked images may offer a sneak peek, the full scope of changes and improvements that the Model 3 ‘Highland’ refresh will bring remains to be seen. As Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements and unveilings, the anticipation continues to mount for a potential new era of Tesla’s iconic electric sedan.