As Tesla’s much-anticipated electric pickup, the Cybertruck, inches closer to its official release, the company’s dedicated testing efforts continue to capture the attention of enthusiasts and observers alike. A recent sighting of a Tesla Cybertruck prototype in the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) on New Zealand’s South Island has sparked intrigue, not only due to the winter testing conditions but also because of a mysterious marking on the vehicle’s body – the number “535.”

A Glimpse of Winter Testing

The latest photographs of the Tesla Cybertruck prototype emerged thanks to Greggertruck, a keen Tesla enthusiast who has been tracking the progress of the Cybertruck’s testing and development. The images show the prototype navigating through a light layer of snow, providing a glimpse into how the all-electric pickup handles winter conditions.

Despite the relatively mild winter weather during the test, this is not the first time the Cybertruck has faced challenging climates. Earlier this year, prototypes were spotted undergoing testing in the extreme cold of Alaska. The fact that Tesla is putting the Cybertruck through its paces in various weather conditions speaks to the company’s commitment to ensuring the vehicle’s durability and performance across a wide range of scenarios.

The Enigma of the Numbers

What has captured the curiosity of Cybertruck enthusiasts and experts is the presence of the number “535” prominently displayed on the prototype’s camouflage wrap. Unlike the previous sightings where the prototypes sported numbers that could be correlated to area codes (such as “604” for Vancouver and “512” for Austin), “535” doesn’t appear to correspond to any recognizable geographic location.

The question on everyone’s mind is: What do these numbers signify? While it’s natural to speculate, it’s important to consider that they might not be related to area codes at all. It’s possible that these numerical markings could be internal designations, denoting specific testing configurations or procedures that Tesla is experimenting with. Alternatively, they could be part of a larger puzzle that Tesla is intentionally keeping shrouded in mystery to maintain excitement and anticipation among its fan base.

Closer to Reality

After the initial unveiling in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has undergone a series of developments and adjustments, resulting in a vehicle that is closer to production than ever before. The company is currently in the process of producing release candidate (RC) units at its Texas Gigafactory. These RC units represent a significant step forward in the production process, indicating that Tesla is fine-tuning the manufacturing and assembly processes before full-scale production begins.

In the meantime, as Tesla continues to tease enthusiasts with glimpses of the Cybertruck undergoing various testing regimens, the enigma of the mysterious numbers like “535” only adds to the vehicle’s mystique. As we eagerly await more information from Tesla, one can’t help but appreciate the company’s ability to keep the world guessing about its highly anticipated electric pickup.