An elderly Tesla driver may have been upset with Volta’s EV charging station trickle charge as she drove over the charging station while trying to leave a parking garage.

A woman in a Tesla Model Y pulled away from a parking spot with a Volt EV charing station stuck in front of the front tires of the vehicle.

A woman behind the wheel initially seems to comprehend the situation, but moments later, she briefly presses the accelerator. However, her actions demonstrate confusion as the Tesla fails to respond as anticipated. Subsequently, she halts again and raises her hands. As the cameraman approaches the front of the vehicle, it becomes evident that both rear tires of the Model Y are deflated. Furthermore, the front passenger tire seems to be completely off the ground.

The man who filmed the encounter tries to help the driver but looks like he almost gets hit by not one, but two cars. Earlier in the video, a car drives around the Tesla Model Y driver in the same lane of the parking garage. Toward the end of the video another car tries to pass the Tesla in the parking garage. Obviously there was not a lot of responsible driving in this parking garage and the guy filming the video kinda took his life into his hands getting anywhere near any of this group of awful drivers.

The incident took place in Hawaii. Must be easy to pass the drivers test in that state.