The demand for maintenance of public charging stations is increasing with the rising adoption of EVs. A recent survey conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Cool the Earth revealed that more than 25% of public EV charging stations in California were not functioning properly.

In response to this, maintenance companies are rapidly expanding their operations. One maintenance start-up with a particularly inspiring story is called ChargerHelp!

ChargerHelp!, founded by Kameale Terry just three years ago, now provides service to EV charging stations in 17 states. For Terry, who grew up in South-Central Los Angeles, this venture is not only a business but also a personal mission.

As Terry recently told reporters at CNBC:

Mass EV adoption is really important to me. My mom passed away from lung cancer just about a year and a half ago, and I live in a community where we have very poor air quality. Getting folks to trust infrastructure, to drive electric, sits near and dear to my heart.

Working in partnership with Tritium, Duke Energy, and Southern California Edison, ChargerHelp! has already serviced over 10,000 stations. However, their goal extends beyond mere repairs.

According to Terry, understanding the behavior of charging stations in the field and identifying potential issues in both the car and the station are crucial. ChargerHelp! collects and analyzes data to enhance reliability, sustainability, and infrastructure development. This data can prove valuable for network providers, EV manufacturers, charging station manufacturers, and government entities.

Some investors have been drawn to ChargerHelp! for its repair services. However, for most investors, the company’s appeal lies primarily in its data component.

ChargerHelp! possesses data on communication networks, charger types, and geographic locations. All these elements influence the performance of charging stations. As a result, ChargerHelp! can not only diagnose how to fix charging problems but can also prevent them from happening in the future.

With its vast data network, ChargerHelp! can accurately diagnose whether charging stations are down due to electrical problems, vandalism, firmware issues, or something else. This sets it apart from the competition. Other maintenance companies assume that all charging problems are electrical in nature, an assumption that is often false.

The next potential frontier for ChargerHelp! is home charger repair, which would open up a vast and expanding market.

ChargerHelp! has received financial support from various organizations, including Blue Bear Capital, Energy Impact Partners, JFF Ventures, Exelon Foundation, Autodesk Foundation, and LA Cleantech Incubator. The total funding obtained by ChargerHelp! currently stands at $21.75 million.

In honor of Kameale Terry’s commitment to clean energy and to her mother, we have named ChargerHelp! the clean energy sustainability champion of the week. Well done!

Image Source: Michael Grossman,