Living off the grid is a dream for folks who desire an environmentally conscious and self-reliant way of life. One of the primary obstacles encountered in such endeavors is acquiring a dependable energy source that does not rely on the conventional power grid. This is where the utility of an off-grid energy storage system becomes apparent.

An off-grid energy storage system is designed to store surplus energy generated by renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines.

This accumulated energy can be used during periods when the renewable sources are unable to produce sufficient power, such as on overcast or windless days. Consequently, it enables individuals to reside in remote areas without grid access while still enjoying the comforts of a modern home.

The Uniti EcoFreedom System

Catering to those pursuing sustainability and independence, Massachusetts-based KiloVault has introduced the Uniti EcoFreedom, a groundbreaking energy system designed specifically for off-grid living. This innovative solution is a solar-ready, DIY energy storage system that addresses various energy needs in an efficient manner.

The system employs cutting-edge battery technology, ensuring safety, durability, and the ability to undergo deep energy cycling. This makes it an optimal choice for powering homes, cabins, and off-grid spaces.

What sets the standout Uniti EcoFreedom apart is its all-in-one pre-wired design, which significantly reduces installation and setup time. The EcoFreedom system is conveniently divided into portable sections, allowing a single person to transport and assemble the components without requiring specialized tools or equipment.

Moreover, the EcoFreedom system is engineered to seamlessly integrate with solar panels, making it an ideal selection for renewable energy applications.


The battery system is available in three different sizes. The EcoFreedom Lite variant includes four 12.8v 180Ah Advanced Lead Acid Batteries, providing 8.64 kWh of rated energy and 4.32 kWh of usable energy.

The EcoFreedom 5 model comprises eight 12.8v 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries, offering 10.2 kWh of rated energy and 9.6 kWh of usable energy.

Lastly, the EcoFreedom 10 version consists of four 51.2v 100Ah lithium battery packs, delivering 20.48 kWh of rated energy and 18.4 kWh of usable energy. It can be effortlessly expanded to a capacity of 30.7 kWh rated and 27.6 kWh of usable energy by incorporating additional battery packs.

Additional Features

The Uniti EcoFreedom is enhanced by a built-in solar charge controller, which ensures efficient battery charging while maximizing energy efficiency. With its included inverter, it allows for high-power discharge rates and optimal use of stored energy.

Additionally, the integrated breakers eliminate the need for a separate breaker box, providing homeowners with the option to directly connect their electric circuits to the Uniti.

According to InceptiveMind, the Uniti EcoFreedom is capable of powering LED bulbs, phones, laptops, TVs, tools, heating and cooling systems. This makes it a versatile energy solution tailored for individuals seeking energy independence.

Image Source: Honest Energy Corp,