As the clean energy revolution continues, more and more Americans are embracing solar canopies. Solar canopies protect cars from the elements while generating solar power. The canopies can also be used to charge electric vehicles.

However, installing a solar canopy can be a pain. The process commonly takes three to five weeks. Thankfully, the installation process just got a whole lot easier.

Nevada-based start-up World4Solar has created an innovative solar canopy called the HelioWing. This canopy offers easy installation and a modular design, making it ideal for residential use. The HelioWing comes preassembled and can be installed in just one day.

There are two base models of the HelioWing: the HelioWing 5 with 7.38 kWp and the HelioWing 7 with 9.84 kWp. While these models are ready to use, homeowners can customize the canopy to include additional features such as storage capacity or a carport with an electric vehicle charger.

One of the main advantages of the HelioWing is its straightforward installation process. World4Solar states that a certified installer can complete the installation in about six hours if the foundation is prepared beforehand. This swift installation is beneficial for homeowners who want to adopt solar energy quickly.

The HelioWing can function as a grid-tied or off-grid system. When connected to the power grid, owners can potentially earn credits for the clean energy they generate and export.

For those who prefer off-grid operation or storing electricity for later use, the HelioWing offers battery packs with storage capacities of up to 25 kWh. The storage capacity rises to 100 kWh with an external battery module.

The HelioWing has a waterproof rating and an average lifespan of 20 years. Its durability ensures that it remains functional and efficient even in harsh weather conditions. The system also comes with a 10-year warranty, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

According to the Clayton County Register, World4Solar will showcase the HelioWing at the upcoming RE+ 2023 Expo in Las Vegas from September 11 to 14, 2023. This exhibition will allow visitors to learn more about this innovative solar solution and its potential benefits for residential installations.

For its outstanding work in making solar panels more convenient than ever, we have named World4Solar our clean energy sustainability champion of the week. Well done!

Image Source: pv magazine,