Hotel electric vehicle shuttles are a great way to save money on fuel and maintenance, but soccer star David Beckham’s electric vehicle company Lunaz is taking it to the next level with a 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, originally designed for Sophia Loren.

David Beckham’s company, Lunaz, is partnering with a British company called Lunaz to bring luxury electric vehicles (EVs) to hotels. The first car of this collaboration program is a 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, originally designed for Sophia Loren and now converted to electricity. This new Hotel Program launched by Lunaz aims to provide hotels with electric luxury vehicles that can still retain their vintage style and elegance. Lunaz has been converting classic cars to EVs for some time now, and with this new program, the company hopes to take the hotel industry by storm.

electric vehicle rolls Royce

Lunaz’s hotel program is off to a great start as multiple hotels have already commissioned classic Rolls-Royce and Bentley models to be converted to EVs, making them suitable for use in emissions-regulated city centers. To provide clients with an exceptional driving experience, one hotel has also commissioned a converted 1990s long-wheelbase Range Rover, which can drive customers off into the woods for quiet picnics. But the first car to be completed in the Hotel program is none other than Sophia Loren’s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II.

One of the main advantages of converting classic cars to electric power is that they can still maintain their vintage style and elegance while reducing emissions. In the case of Sophia Loren’s Rolls-Royce, it has been renovated into a hotel shuttle service. The car is already an ideal fit for the new function, since it doesn’t have to cover long distances and can be easily charged along the way. Moreover, the electric motor makes the ride silent and comfortable.

David Beckham Investor in Lunaz

Former England football player, David Beckham, acquired a 10 percent stake in the electrified classic car company, Lunaz back in June 2021. This investment helped Lunaz expand its production and offer commercial vehicles on a global scale. With a portfolio that includes electrified versions of iconic cars like the Bentley Continental and Range Rover, Lunaz is transforming into a technology company capable of supplying proprietary electric-vehicle technology to major automakers and suppliers. Beckham joins other notable investors, including the Rueben and Barclay families, in supporting Lunaz’s ambitious vision.

Beckham then presented his son, Brooklyn and his daughter-in-law Nicola, with an all-electric Jaguar XK140 Open Two Seater (OTS) by Lunaz as a gift to mark their wedding in Palm Beach, Florida, US.

Lunaz has been converting classic cars to EVs for years now, and the company understands the challenges of relying on a startup for maintenance. With that in mind, Lunaz has established a full-service after-sale strategy to ensure every car they convert performs well and is kept in excellent condition. The company designs, engineers, and manufactures every component of the drivetrain and battery system in-house to ensure high-build quality and reliability.

electric vehicle rolls Royce

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II is a perfect fit for this new program, and it certainly looks amazing in its electric form. The car’s original design elements are preserved, but the new electric powertrain makes it faster and smoother than ever. Lunaz believes that every classic car is a work of art, and they improve upon that art by bringing it up to modern standards while respecting the vehicle’s heritage.

Beckham and Lunaz’s partnership is a significant step forward for the electric vehicle industry. The Hotel Program by Lunaz provides a unique solution for the hotel industry to stand out by offering brand-new electric luxury cars that still retain their classic style and elegance. The project has already generated excitement among hotel owners, and we can expect to see more classic cars converted to electric power soon. Lunaz is committed to preserving automotive heritage and bringing classic cars into the modern era, and this collaboration with DB Ventures will help them achieve that goal.