Volvo has recently delivered its new line of heavy-duty electric trucks to Danfoss, an energy and engineering company based in Denmark. Volvo delivered its first three trucks to Danfoss last week.

These trucks will be used for fixed routes between different Danfoss sites in the country. The trucks will operate around the clock for five days a week, with minimal charging downtime.

This delivery is part of a larger partnership between Volvo Trucks and Danfoss, with a focus on pioneering the use of sustainable electric transport. By 2024, a total of nine electric Volvo trucks will be in operation, transforming Danfoss’ fleet and reducing the company’s emissions in Denmark by 10–15%.

According to CleanTechnica, these trucks also contribute to a quieter and cleaner working environment for drivers and dock workers.

The transition to electric vehicles aligns with Danfoss’ commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By demonstrating the feasibility of electric transport vehicles through their own fleet, Danfoss aims to inspire other companies to decarbonize their businesses.

To keep the Volvo electric trucks running smoothly during their 24-hour shifts, Danfoss has implemented smart infrastructure. Customized, high-speed chargers are available at each stop along the route, allowing the trucks to charge their batteries during offloading and on-loading in approximately 15 minutes.

This opportunity charging ensures that the trucks have enough energy to reach their next destination.

The electric semi trucks can operate continuously for 24 hours a day, up to five days a week, due to the advanced charging technology and the relatively short routes. Longer overnight charges can wait until the weekends, when the trucks are not needed for business purposes.

Danfoss has secured Power Purchase Agreements for its sites in Denmark, ensuring a sustainable power source for a significant portion of the operation.

According to Joakim Nilsson, the Business Development Manager – Zero Emission at Volvo, this collaboration demonstrates the importance of cross-sector cooperation and presents excellent opportunities. Nilsson praised Danfoss for not just supplying critical components for electric trucks but also electrifying its entire fleet.

As Volvo introduces electric trucks that run 24 hours per day, it’s making major progress in catching up to Tesla. Tesla announced that it had developed electric trucks with the ability to run 24 hours per day last December.

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