In July, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, shared some information about the size of the upcoming futuristic Cybertruck. According to Musk, the Cybertruck will be the first truck to have four doors and a six-foot bed, while still fitting into a 20-foot garage.

A recent video has emerged showing the Cybertruck reversing into a garage in San Francisco. The video was captured by a Tesla dashcam and uploaded by a user named Wilfredo. In the footage, the Cybertruck slowly moves forward with its front lightbar on, before neatly backing into a small garage of an apartment building.

Some observers wondered whether the driver managed to exit the garage using Tesla’s “smart summon” feature. “Smart summon” allows drivers to control their vehicles through a mobile app without being physically present.

According to The Driven, the driver simply reversed the Cybertruck in and walked away.

Without knowing the exact dimensions of the garage, it’s hard to determine how snug the fit was for the Cybertruck. However, the video does provide some insight into what can be expected.

Another video showcases the rear-wheel steering feature of the Cybertruck when it’s in reverse.

The Cybertruck videos are causing the anticipation surrounding the vehicle to keep growing.

During Tesla’s Q2 earnings call, Musk mentioned the overwhelming demand for the Cybertruck, stating “the demand is so far off the hook, that you can’t even see the hook.”

The strong Cybertruck demand prompted the CEO of Rivian (one of Tesla’s main competitors) to claim that he’s not worried about the Cybertruck earlier this week.

Tesla aims to produce approximately 250,000 vehicles from its Texas-based production line. However, with an estimated 2 million existing orders, it may take quite some time to fulfill them all.

It’s exciting to see new details emerging about the Cybertruck. It’s especially neat to see how rear-wheel steering is giving the Cybertruck a shorter turning radius, enabling the vehicle to fit into tight spaces.

Analysts anticipate that Tesla will announce the delivery event later this fall, as numerous customers eagerly await their orders.