Yesterday, an extraordinary sight was captured on camera at the SpaceX Starbase in Texas. The person behind the Starship Gazer YouTube channel managed to film a Tesla Cybertruck towing an enormous rocket engine on a trailer. The scene was like something a person would see in a science fiction movie.

According to InsideEVs, the Cybertruck spotted in the video was pulling a Starship Raptor Vacuum engine. This engine weighs about 3,500 pounds in its standard Raptor 2 version.

While it remains unclear whether the Cybertruck seen in the video is a pre-production release candidate or part of the final batch before mass production, notable features can be observed.

The now-patented black wheel covers are present. The covers attracted attention a few weeks ago by falling off a car traveling on a freeway in California. The black wheel covers were initially introduced on the 2019 prototype.

The rear full-width LED light bar, triangular side mirrors, and large single wiper are also visible.

However, the license plate isn’t shown. This makes it difficult to determine if the car had a manufacturer or dealer plate.

This occurrence marks the first known instance of a Cybertruck towing a SpaceX rocket engine. Prior to this, the electric pickup, which has yet to be delivered, was spotted towing various trailers in both North America and New Zealand. However, none of these trailers were as substantial as a Raptor engine.

According to Tesla’s website, the Cybertruck is capable of towing over 14,000 pounds. As a result, the video seems realistic. Towing an estimated 3,500-pound flaming engine should be a relatively simple task for the futuristic Tesla EV.

However, it’s worth noting that the Cybertruck page on Tesla’s website still shows images of the concept vehicle. As a result, uncertainty remains surrounding the exact capabilities of the production model.

Image Source: Starship Gazer