In a recent study titled “A Clean Bill,” Clean Energy Canada demonstrated that Canadians don’t have to sacrifice their quality of life to protect the environment.

On the contrary, the study found that households in the Greater Toronto Area could save thousands of dollars annually by embracing clean energy options like heat pumps and electric cars.

And according to Clean Energy Canada’s new follow-up report, Nova Scotians can cut their energy bills by even more than Torontonians can if they embrace clean energy. 

The follow-up report considered families living in the Halifax area. A Halifax family that fully embraces green energy can save $11,000 per year compared to a family that embraces fossil fuels. This extra money can be allocated toward groceries, housing, leisure, or savings.

The first household utilizes natural gas for home heating and water heating, relies on central air conditioning for cooling, and cooks using a gas stove. Additionally, the residents own a Ford F-150 truck and a gas-powered Hyundai Kona. Their monthly energy bill, inclusive of equipment expenses, amounts to $2,375.

The second household gets rid of fossil fuels completely. The family embraces an all-electric lifestyle, utilizing electric cooking, heating, cooling, and driving. They opt for two electric vehicles and an electric heat pump with an additional electric backup.

The electric vehicles save hundreds of dollars each month in reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Meanwhile, since the electric heat pump (pictured above) provides both cooling and heating capabilities, the family doesn’t need to obtain two separate systems.

This eco-conscious family cuts its energy bill by 40% compared to the fossil fuel family. The eco-conscious family only spends $1,435 per month on energy, a savings of $940.

And for Nova Scotians who power their homes with heating oil, these green energy savings will soon become even greater. On October 26, Prime Minister Trudeau announced a new program to give free heat pumps to Atlantic Canadians who power their homes with heating oil. The program will launch in April 2024.

Clean Energy Canada is not the only organization forecasting major energy savings arising from renewable energy. A late September report from Recharge News found that renewables will cut energy bills in the US and Canada by 50% by 2050.

Nova Scotia’s provincial government has promised to deliver an 80% renewable electric grid by the end of this decade. Currently, fossil fuels provide 60% of the province’s electricity generation.

Image Source: AtlasCare,