University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) professor Samer Dessouky and Ph.D. student Hamindreza Allahdadi are conducting an exciting study about solar panels.

Allahdadi’s dedication to addressing climate change motivated the development of flexible solar panels that effectively store energy. Allahdadi’s panels are so flexible that pedestrians can walk on them.

Walkable solar panels offer a solution to the increasing demand for electricity. These panels can be easily placed on existing paved surfaces, eliminating the complexities and costs associated with rooftop installations.

According to The Paisano, the installation process is straightforward. It can be completed in under two minutes, even by children.

The walkable solar panels provide a cheaper alternative to traditional rooftop installations, which require additional components. With their flexibility and 60% transparency, the walkable panels can be rolled up like an umbrella. This enables portable power generation anywhere.

Additionally, the panels’ transparency enables energy generation from both sides of the panel.

The ultimate goal is to find a cost-effective approach that leverages existing structures to produce power. By taking advantage of surfaces that are exposed to ample sunlight, substantial contributions can be made to the power supply.

Allahdadi and Dessouky have installed walkable solar panels at the UTSA main campus. The panels are located between the Biotechnology, Science and Engineering building and the Science and Engineering building.

To gather data on panel durability, students are encouraged to walk on the panels. Testing the panels with human traffic is crucial to understanding their longevity.

For further information, students can contact Allahdadi via email at Allahdadi is dedicated to providing information on purchasing the panels and is even available to help with setup in various locations.

Companies such as Heliatek are already producing flexible solar films that can be applied to buildings. However, little progress has been made on incorporating solar panels into sidewalks and streets. The UTSA walkable solar panels have the potential to change that.

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