Electric vehicle (EV) start-up Fisker experienced a milestone in its growth this past weekend.

Fisker opened its first retail space on the East Coast on Friday, November 10. The Fisker Lounge NYC is situated at 401 W. 14th Street in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

The move follows the opening of the flagship Fisker Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles earlier this year. These locations offer an opportunity for the public to experience the all-electric Fisker Ocean.

Within the Fisker Lounge NYC, there are visual displays that highlight how Fisker prioritizes sustainability throughout the design and life cycle of its vehicles. Customers can get advice from Fisker service advisors and take the Fisker Ocean for a test drive.

Fisker has had a challenging year thus far in 2023. Fisker only sold 900 cars in the US in Q3. This led the company to reduce its 2023 global sales target to 20,000 units.

In addition, the company has seen its expenses surge. Between Q1 and Q2, expenses rose from $164,000 to $763,000.

The NYC Fisker car lounge could be the beginning of the company’s turnaround. Although a growing percentage of Americans are buying their cars online, a majority still prefer to buy them in person.

Physical retail locations offer car buyers a plethora of benefits. Besides giving customers the ability to do test drives, physical stores save customers money on delivery fees and give customers the ability to inspect the condition of used cars.

According to Collision Repair Mag, Fisker currently has Lounge locations in Los Angeles, London, and Munich. The company plans to open additional Lounges across North America, Europe, and Asia in the years to come.

Fisker’s upcoming lounge in Shanghai will be the company’s first retail location in Asia. The Shanghai lounge will open by the end of January.

Image Source: Fiskerati