Atlanta residents may soon have the opportunity to earn money towards purchasing an e-bike through a proposed rebate program.

This initiative, led by city council member Matt Westmoreland (pictured above), aims to combat the rising cost of living in the city by offering financial incentives for e-bike purchases.

Under this program, all city residents would be eligible to receive up to $500 back on their e-bike purchase. Meanwhile, households making 80% or less of the city’s median income could receive up to $1,500.

The rebate program promotes a clean and healthy mode of transportation, thereby reducing the need for second cars. In addition, the program makes job and educational opportunities more accessible for Atlanta’s residents.

If approved, Westmoreland’s legislation would create a $1 million pilot project. The program’s management would be entrusted to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Meanwhile, the non-profit organization Propel ATL (formerly the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition) would take charge of outreach, engagement, and educational efforts.

ARC was chosen to administer the e-bike rebate program due to its expertise in managing comparable programs, such as the water efficiency rebate and Georgia Commute Options.

Propel ATL’s initiatives would involve arranging demonstration events and cycling courses. These events would be concentrated in neighborhoods whose residents stand to benefit the most from the rebates.

E-bike rebates are a proven way to improve both the economy and the environment. An e-bike rebate program in Denver, Colorado, was so successful that Colorado launched a statewide rebate in August.

According to Denver’s Climate Action, Sustainability, & Resiliency department, individuals who took advantage of the rebates made an average of 3.4 fewer car trips per week. This resulted in a reduction of 4.1 million vehicle miles and the elimination of 1,447 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Furthermore, Denver’s rebate program has saved residents $1 million in fuel and maintenance expenses.

Image Source: Medium