Elon Musk’s Tesla recently announced the sale of “CyberBeer” and “CyberStein” to support the launch of its long-delayed Cybertruck. The move appears to be a money-making venture aimed at Tesla enthusiasts.

Despite being already sold out, Tesla CyberBeer is drawing heated criticism from customers. Customer Brian Stone described the product as “hot garbage” and complained about a rusted lid.

Another customer, Jeremy Judkins, expressed concerns about CyberBeer producing alcohol poisoning.

According to Futurism.com, CyberBeer is a Helles lager brewed by Buzzrock Brewing in California. The product is packaged in a unique polygonal design inspired by the Cybertruck’s angular form. Matte ceramic beer steins, resembling the Cybertruck, are included.

It seems like Tesla was so focused on creating a quirky, attention-grabbing product that it overlooked the actual beer quality. Tesla has made other unconventional products related to the Cybertruck, including a Cybertruck-inspired cat bed.

It’s also worth nothing that CyberBeer is also extremely pricey. Two bottles of CyberBeer cost $150, equating to $75 per bottle. This makes CyberBeer about 60 times more expensive than a regular bottle of beer.

Nevertheless, CyberBeer is a success for Tesla from a business standpoint. The product sold out within just five days of its October 12 launch.

CyberBeer is not the first example of an Elon Musk company launching a successful spinoff product. In 2022, Musk’s Boring Company (which focuses on tunnel construction) launched a perfume called “Burnt Hair.” The perfume generated $2 million in sales within the first 24 hours.

Tesla may need to create more products like CyberBeer to keep it profitable in the near future. During Tesla’s Q3 earnings call in October, Musk estimated that it will take approximately 18 months for the Cybertruck to make a profit.  The company’s overall profits declined 44% in Q3.

Tesla will begin selling the Cybertruck on November 30.