The new 2024 Tesla Model 3 electric sedan has arrived in Australia. The updated car is expected to be delivered to customers between January and March 2024.

A Melbourne man named Anthony Maniatopoulos shared photos of the new Model 3 on social media. The new Tesla Model 3 is distinguishable by its sleeker headlights, which indicate a new design. Additionally, the car features new aerocaps for improved aerodynamics.

The vehicle is finished in Pearl White Multi-Coat and features the standard 18-inch Photon wheels without the aero covers. It’s unclear whether the car captured in the photos is the entry-level single-motor RWD variant or the dual-motor all-wheel drive Long Range variant.

According to CarExpert, the new Tesla Model 3 was revealed in September. The price range starts at $61,900 AU for the RWD and goes up to $71,900 for the Long Range version. There’s no information about a Performance variant yet.

The driving range has increased to 513 km (319 miles) for the RWD variant, a gain of 22 km (14 miles). Meanwhile, the Long Range variant now has a range of 629 km (391 miles), a gain of 27 km (17 miles).

The updated Model 3 also features revised suspension with new springs, dampers, and subframe mounting points for improved ride comfort.

Inside the vehicle, there’s a new front screen with the same dimensions and processor as the previous version. The steering wheel has been redesigned with capacitive touch buttons for indicators and cruise control, eliminating the need for column stalks.

Additionally, passengers now have the option to turn off the air vents. Rear passengers have their own 8.0-inch display to control media and climate, along with air vents and USB-C ports.

It remains to be seen whether the Model 3’s enhancements will be sufficient to maintain Tesla’s EV market share. Competitors like BYD have launched new EVs in Australia this year. These EVs are up to $12,000 cheaper than the 2024 Model 3.

As the 2024 Model 3 arrives in Australia, Americans are continuing to wait for the car. Tesla has not provided any dates as to when the updated Model 3 will come to the US.