Kia Motors Corporation has inked a deal with Uber to use their newly announced PV5 modular EV for ride-hailing. This partnership marks the first customer for Kia’s advanced electric vehicle, the PV5.

The PV5 is Kia’s newest model to enter the EV market. The brand’s latest leap into the EV market is yet to announce its motors and batteries specifics. However, it’s confirmed that the PV5 will be based on an adapted version of the E-GMP platform, currently in use by Kia’s EV6 and EV9 models. The E-GMP is said to provide outstanding driving performance and better energy efficiency while also allowing for flexible design options.

One key selling point of the PV5 modular EV is its flexibility. Kia claims that the vehicle’s modular design can allow for quick body changes to accommodate different requirements. This ‘Easy Swap Technology‘ offers the possibility of switching between various modules, including a van body, a high roof, and even a chassis cab. These vehicles are also software-defined, connecting each unit to a central hub for the delivery of information and navigation. This innovative approach promises to reinvent commercial EVs and may bring the concept of the modular car to life.

The PV5 is more than just a car – it’s a peek into the future of mobility. It’s built to fit perfectly with delivery services, ride-hailing apps, and other emerging transport modes. The recent deal with Uber shows just that, signaling the dawn of a new age of connected, green travel.

The announcement was made public on January 10, 2024, and has since stirred excitement in the automotive industry. The PV5 is the cornerstone of Kia’s future strategy for modular electric vehicles. With its adaptable design, it is well-suited for various purposes, including ride-hailing.

Kia North America CEO Seung Kyu Yoon said in a statement: “PBVs will play a key role in the customisation of mobility, and by partnering with Uber, Kia aims to deliver industry leading technology with advanced software and services to enhance the ride hailing experience. Drivers on the Uber platform will also have the ability to choose Kia vehicles with a comprehensive suite of offerings that will ease the ramp up of electrification and help achieve both Kia’s and Uber’s sustainability goals.

Kia is set to make waves in the commercial electric vehicle (EV) market come 2025, with their PV5 model at the forefront. A recent deal between Kia and Uber underscores this move, showing how ride-hailing services demand more EVs. This isn’t just a business deal – it’s a big step forward highlighting the game-changing power of modular EVs like the PV5. As transport changes, sustainable mobility solutions are being increasingly embraced. Kia’s calculated strides are proof of this shift.


Image Source: KED Global